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How Three Survivors of Suicide Spent Their Last Days On Earth –

When one is writing a novel in the first person, one must be that person. — Daphne du Maurier #Writeometer

Low FODMAP Sample Meals

Living Happy with IBS

Overwhelmed by the restriction of the diet? I’ve been there. I searched everywhere for examples of meals that I could eat on the low FODMAP diet. Even simple meals, like a salad were scary due to the limitations of store-bought salad dressings.

There’s really a variety of meals you can have with the diet… even pizza! Of course most of your meals will require a little extra prep and you can probably hide the take-out menus for now. I actually made this list for myself and hung it on the refrigerator to see what all my option were for each meal. It’s a good confidence booster to see what you can eat rather than what you can’t.

Low FODMAP Sample Meals

Low FODMAP Breakfast Suggestions:

  • Eggs – Any way you like them. Hard-Boiled, Scrambled, Over Easy, etc.
  • Bacon or Ground Turkey with Seasoning (Sausage Substitute)
  • Any Safe Cereal (see list)…

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A midnight walk

Tonight I went for a walk. It was chilly out but I felt like I needed to be out and about. If I had stayed stuck in the basement or in my car for another minute I thought I’d go crazy. I felt like my head needed to be cleared. Lately I’ve been doing decently well with my anxiety but one bad day at work and poof. I’m back.

However, I think being outside helps. I should go for late night walks more often. Too bad winter is coming and it will be too cold soon. And though the distant voices of other people and the rustling of leaves puts me a little on edge, I feel much better then being crammed in the basement.

The first chapter struggle

I’ve been trying to write a novel for years now and so far, all I have is bits and pieces of stories. Half ideas. I feel like they have potential,  however, they hardly ever get past the first or second chapter.

I feel like the biggest reason this happened to me so many times in the past is that I just wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t mature enough or patient enough to put in the time and effort needed.

Novels cannot just be written in one sitting and I don’t understand how I thought I could write one so quickly without putting in the time. I was young, I was impatient,  I was silly.

Now I am slightly older, maybe still young,  impatient, and silly, but I’m also wiser than I was and I think that I can truly do this now.

I wish I would have done…

This past year there has been a great number of things I wish I would have done or simply done differently.  For example, though I do not regret my experiences in university; I do wish I had saved up money before attending classes.  University was an expense I wasn’t quite prepared for as i thought paying off the loan would be easy. Now I see that loans are almost never easy.

Another thing I regret not doing this past year was writing more. I feel as if I wasted so much time that could have been used to put words on a page, instead of sleep or go to movies. If I had written more, perhaps I’d have a novel completed or perhaps I would simply have more blog posts. Either way I wish I had written more.

This year, I’ve been deciding to work until I have money before going back to school (or working while in school) and to write much more. Writing is what helped keep me sane so far and I should probably take advantage of that free therapy as much as I can.

Story behind the blog name.

My blog name may seem like it is simply my first name. However, it does mean a lot for me. I see my name as what the blog is about and what I understand the most. I decided to make this blog about my life, thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Therefore it only seems right that the blog bears my name. I wanted to make a blog about something I understand and what could I understand better than myself?

The period at the end of the blog name has a purpose as well. As a period is an end to a sentence, so is it an end to what this blog is. It is was it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. What’s there is what you get. If you like it, well that’s fine. And if you don’t like it, that’s fine too.

Why did this happen? Estranging myself from my mother.

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Why did this happen?

There is no answer to that question.

There are too many answers to that question.

If your childhood was unhappy, if there was someone who hurt you when their role was to protect you, you may never know why it was that way. It may not be possible to reconstruct how their weaknesses and angers and sorrows were weighed, over and over, against their strengths and sense of responsibility and their love for you – and why they all too often came up short. It is dead weight you will carry on your back, in your mind and your heart, without ever seeing it in full. It is dark matter pulling unseen at the stars in your sky.

If you estrange yourself from them, you will grieve this loss for years, like the death of a beloved. Giovanna Calvino, daughter of Italo, spoke of timelessly mourning…

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Drive – thrus and Late Nights

You know those nights where you stay up as late as you can and spend the night around town? One moment you’re pulling into McDonald’s for fries, then it’s late night caffeine rush at Tim Horton’s.  Those are good nights.  Spent with friends and good conversations. 

Some of my best conversations with my good friends have been late at night when
they call me up to go for a drive with them. The best thing is when it’s just that. A drive. No particular destination. No time frame. The only problem with it is the usage of gas. Bad for the environment and the wallet.

Sharing the love of books

This guy is amazing. I think everyone should get the chance to learn to read and have access to books. Not only is it awesome that he gives out free books to kids, but he also makes money for himself. By reading all his books before selling them, he is making himself into a more interesting and creative man also. The only thing I’m really curious is how he gets the books, does he really make enough to afford the cost of buying them? Maybe people give him free books? Well,  if anyone deserves free books, it’s this bookworm.